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Seducing the Landscaper Bundle: The Complete Series: A Wifes Affair Scarlett Muff

Seducing the Landscaper Bundle: The Complete Series: A Wifes Affair

Scarlett Muff

Kindle Edition
70 pages
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This is a bundle of all of the books in the SEDUCING THE LANDSCAPER series. Each part is also sold separately.Liv Burgess is living what looks to be the ideal marriage. But past the facade of the perfect marriage is one that is not. Her husband MikeMoreThis is a bundle of all of the books in the SEDUCING THE LANDSCAPER series. Each part is also sold separately.Liv Burgess is living what looks to be the ideal marriage. But past the facade of the perfect marriage is one that is not. Her husband Mike’s only interest in her is showing her off as his trophy wife. Liv despises this. She feels that the romance between her and Mike is gone.Mike wants to have the best. The best car. The best wife. The best home. All of his friends have these things. He decides that they need to put a pool into their back yard to entertain and to show off to his friends.Little did Mike know when he hired a landscaper to put a pool in that the landscaper would do more than just build him a pool. Liv was immediately attracted to Pedro, the Latin landscaper. He was exotic, muscular, and very manly. Everything that Mike was not. From the moment she laid eyes on him she had a deep desire for Pedro.While her husband is off at work Liv does whatever she can think of to grab Pedro’s attention. She wanted him. She wanted to be loved. Pedro tries to resist the temptation of a lonely housewife but his natural urges are hard to deny.An affair starts between the two of them. Liv has no problem cheating on her husband. The sexual escapades between Liv and Pedro get out of control. There are close calls of the affair being exposed. They have sex everywhere they can. Even outside where they could easily be spotted. What are they to do? Is what Pedro and Liv have love? Lust? Or both? Will adultery ruin her marriage with Mike? Do Liv and Mike even love each other anymore?Excerpts:Liv was barely able to form a smile and shake his hand. It was rough, like a man who had done hard work. It had been some time since she’d felt something like that. Not even that, but contact with another man in general.From the window she could see the men working. Her breath caught in her lungs when her eyes fell on Pedro again. He didn’t see her, he was too busy working alongside the other men. He wore jeans and thick boots, with a white t-shirt that hugged his bulging muscles.“You were going to be a painter?” Liv asked.Pedro shrugged. “I’m not sure to be honest. It’s why I didn’t continue with it. Landscaping is much easier in my opinion.”“That’s great. It must be nice, doing something you love.” Liv still carried the tray in her hand.“Yes, it certainly is.” Pedro said, staring into her eyes. He blinked away, hoping he didn’t appear creepy. He was suddenly feeling self-conscious. “We should get back to work. Thank you for the food and water.”Liv nodded, appearing somewhat disappointed. Pedro hoped he wasn’t just seeing things. “I understand. Best of luck finishing up.” She turned and left for the house again.Liv noticed Pedro out there, his shirt completely see through from all the sweat. His muscles flexed and bulged with each movement. Liv felt her breath catch when he pulled off his shirt and used it to wipe the sweat off his forehead. Liv balled her fingers into a fist and decided that she didn’t feel like waiting any longer. She was going to have him now. No one would see, his men were in the backyard and the neighbors were all at work right now. She opened the door and walked outside as quietly as possible.He opened the piece of paper and written on it was a phone number. Pedro assumed that it was her cell number, maybe even a new phone she bought specifically for contacting him. It all felt a little awkward, but Pedro really didn’t see the need to stop. Her husband really didn’t seem to pay any attention to her.

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